Johnny's Place

Old-Fashioned Pan Pizza Pop-in Restaurant

Hosted by Lo Duca Pizza
14 Newkirk Plaza Brooklyn, NY 11226
Ditmas Park

(718) 859-1501


There will be a total of 64 slices/8 of my pan pizzas on offer — first come first serve. If we run out it will be announced here and on my twitter. Apologies if you have made the trip and there isn't any of my pizza left. You're invited to enjoy items from Lo Duca's delicious menu, and Di Fara and Wheated (dinner only) are nearby via train, car or even on foot.


Friday, January 10, 2014

1:30pm - till we run out


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Prices Include Sales Tax



$3.50 per slice

3 slice per customer limit

(Limit may be adjusted on the fly as needed)


Red Pies

Jabba the Hut

Red Sauce, Romano, Dried Herbs, Wisconsin Mootz & Soppressata

Cat Lady
Wisconsin Mootz, Ripe Cali Tomatoes, Fresh Garlic, Romano & Fresh Basil


White Pies

Wisconsin Mootz, Spinach, Ricotta & Fresh Garlic


Mr. Potato Head
Wisconsin Mootz, Sliced Russets, Bacon, Parm & Fresh Chives



Bottled Water, Assorted Cans of Soda

$1 each


Glass Bottle Pepsi

$1.50 each


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Hosted at Lo Duca Pizza on Newkirk Plaza, Johnny's Place is very easy to get to via car or train.


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Payment Options


Credit/Debit Cards - $5 Minimum


VisaMastercardDiscover Card




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Fundraising & Investing


I am looking for business partners. If you are interested in a sound investment opportunity that employs a well conceived, thoroughly thought out plan along with the expertise to execute it, please drop me an email.


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Q. Do you plan on doing more of these "pop-ins"? What about a food truck, stand or brick and mortar store?
A. If things go well, I'm likely to do a few more pop-in dates — probably still at Lo Duca, but I'd consider other locations if they are a good fit. A truck, stand and a permanent storefront would be great eventually but initially I'd just like to see what the reception and demand are for my "style" of pizza.
Q. What style of pizza are you doing?
A. It's a pizza from my "mind's eye" — a mashup of early 90's chain pan pizza and the Detroit and Grandma styles. I set out six months ago to come up with the kind of pizza I really wanted to eat — a scarfable, soulful pizza, and one I could not find in the marketplace. I've achieved that goal and would like to share the fruits of my labors. My "Old-Fashioned Pan Pizza" has a focaccia like crumb; a burnished, fried bottom; and is topped with fresh, complimentary ingredients. It's substantial and light at the same time.
Q. Why are you doing it at Lo Duca?
A. I've lived in Ditmas Park for some time now and have developed a friendship with the Lo Ducas — in particular head pizzaman Sal. I have an enormous amount of respect for Sal as a business operator, man, cook, baker and friend. Over the years we have talked about, made and eaten a fair bit of pizza together. After sharing early versions of this pizza with Sal, I discussed with him the possibility of sharing my pizza with the public. Thankfully, he was enthusiastic about the quality of the pizza and happy to help. With Sal and the Lo Ducas' support, I am incredibly pleased to share the pizza of my dreams with all of you.
Q. What makes your pizza special?
A. The dough is made with flours that are generally not used in the pizza industry. The entire process is longer and gentler than typical — more akin to what might be employed to make artisanal bread. This is bread that happens to also be great pizza and isn't ashamed about it. No one will be pressing all the gas out of the dough. I want you to be satisfied and full but not bloated.
Q. Who are your influences?
A. Silverton, Lahey, Robertson and Bonci from a technical perspective and...
Q. What are some of your favorite pizzas?
A. The ones I'm having in great company.
Q. Ditmas Park is kinda far right?
A. Not Really. Newkirk is an express subway stop and is less than 10 minutes from Park Slope.

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